Filming At Glastonbury

glastonbury-sunsetThe Glastonbury Festival welcomes media interest at our unique event and we do try to accommodate media coverage wherever possible. However, the Festival does have a media access policy and we would be grateful if you could consider the below before suggesting any proposals to the Festival.

The Glastonbury Festival host broadcaster is the BBC who are the Festival’s multi-media broadcast partner. BBC Worldwide are our international television distribution partners. We also hope that you understand that the Festival also have a proactive ethical policy which means that we will always be concerned what companies or organisations are linked to the festival, even if indirectly.
We will agree to specific requests for filming where both the nature of the filming and the end use of any recordings are agreed. Each request will be looked at on a case by case basis but for general guidance the following applies:

  • We will only agree for Programmes which are produced and broadcast post-festival on specific topics. This means you cannot stream or broadcast anything live from the Festival site and there is a holdback against any use of performance material filmed at Festival site for 30 days EXCEPT that bona fide news use of clips not exceeding one minute can be agreed.
  • No live performances may be recorded without the Festival’s express prior permission. Even if granted you will usually need the artist’s and where relevant their record label’s permissions as well.
  • Crews must be kept to a minimum and be sensitive to the Festival public and their privacy. You must have full public and employer’s liability insurance and provide us with a copy of your certificate of insurance in advance of filming.
  • Any rights granted would normally only be for the specific programme and transmissions/broadcasts proposed to the Festival. No archive use will be allowed.
  • You cannot include any footage in any sponsored programme or in any form of advertising.
  • Any use as or within a promotional video needs specific approval.
  • Any commercial use such as DVDs or CDs or downloads needs to be approved and a commercial agreement reached. For commercial use a facility fee is normally payable for filming on-site.
  • Filming is restricted or prohibited in certain areas: family camping areas; children’s areas; welfare and medical areas; security and police compounds; the Acoustic Tent; all shared artiste compounds. You should only film in camping areas with the permission of those you are filming.
  • You must respect the privacy of everyone at the Festival.